[FFmpeg-user] Encoding x264 hangs in a high turn over pipeline

Luke luke at audiomotion.com
Wed Jul 25 23:24:26 CEST 2012

Thanks for your responses.
> Can you reproduce the problem with another video codec, such as the internal
> MPEG4 encoder, or maybe even with -f null?
I tested this using internal mp4, as well as libvpx. In both cases the 
pipeline completed without a glitch on a sample of 1400 videos.
> Can you try to find out where ffmpeg is stuck? A way to do that would be to
> run the debug version (ffmpeg_g), and when it is stuck, attach it with gdb
> (gdb ffmpeg_g $(pidof ffmpeg_g)), get a backtrace and then detach it: a few
> iterations of that would show where ffmpeg spends most of its time.
Unfortunately the system is running Windows 7 and we have no option of 
running linux (users not linux friendly).
> What do you mean that your own solution is using multithreading?
As you will notice from the attached logs the pipeline is based on Ruby. 
The whole objective of it is to ingest files from the capture servers, 
rename them, create branding, compress & watermark, and distribute 
compressed output to client machines as well as HTML5 web app. Which 
should explain testing libvo_aac and VP8. The Ruby app creates runs 
multiple threads based on the size of the queue.
> What OS?
Windows 7
> Full uncut complete console and output please?
Logs from FFMPEG attached. One of a comression which completed fine, and 
3 which got stuck. Getting stuck seems a bit random, as force closing 
and reopening the thread usually allows the compression to complete 
fine. If not on the 1st try, then 2nd. Usually 1st re-run is enough. 
We're trying another approach - building timeout into the multithreading 
process. However it would be quicker and more efficient if we were able 
to run FFMPEG without a glitch.
> Also gdb backtraces of stuck threads?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I won't be able to get it in Windows, will I?

Many thanks for your help,

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