[FFmpeg-user] Zeranoe Windows builds spiking CPU to 100% randomly

Roger Pack rogerdpack2 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 07:14:01 CEST 2012

>> I guess I should just forward on all this information to mingw-w64 then?
> Yes, since the script uses MinGW-w64's threading library they should have a
> good idea what might be going on. They also are very helpful and can
> possible offer a quick fix.
> Are we sure the issue is not on FFmpegs end? Has anyone had a chance to test
> an identical version build on Linux? Maybe a FFmpeg bug report is in order?

I asked earlier and "nobody" seemed to have seen it reproduce on a
linux build.  However, I don't have a linux box (oddly) so haven't yet
tested it myself.  My guess is that it doesn't reproduce though.

> I would like to stick with MinGW-w64s thread library if we can. Like I said
> they may be able to offer a fix.

Ok pinged them.

> I'm available to compile any custom FFmpeg build with debug symbols if that
> is whats needed. I can configure both FFmpeg and x264 whatever way is
> needed. Just let me know.

ffmpeg_g with libx264 compiled with debug symbols might be a bit useful/helpful.

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