[FFmpeg-user] converting 1080p50 to PAL interlaced dv format

Konrad Karl kk_konrad at gmx.at
Tue Jan 24 18:47:10 CET 2012

Dear all,

is this possible with current ffmpeg (Fedora 16, but I can compile myself)? 
Google did not help so far, "interlaced" triggers lots of search results
about de-interlacing.... 

In more detail: I want to combine video clips from my old Sony DV
camera and my Panasonic SD909 full HD camera and for 
compatibility reasons with some old equipment I need to generate
interlaced PAL dv content - cropped from the middle of the
HD content and scaled down to 720x576.

Please suggest some command line example if this can be done with

Thanks in advance,

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