[FFmpeg-user] mov [ProRes/pcm_s24le] -> mp4 same quality

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Fri Nov 18 23:59:36 CET 2011

HallMarc Websites <marc <at> hallmarcwebsites.com> writes:

> Look, I don't need an argument, I need answers and or suggestions. 

I am still trying my best;-)

> I did not realize until the last few days that there were so many aac libs out
> there and that they can be quite different in quality.

Both http://ffmpeg.org/general.html#Audio-Codecs and ./configure --help try to
answer this, but if you want to improve our documentation, patches are very

> Again, anybody on this list that can recommend good reading material
> regarding this. I've been in web dev for 9 years so I'm not ascared.

If you want general information about AAC encoders, this list may not be the
best place (I suspect the hydrogen forum is), if you have questions regarding
AAC encoding with FFmpeg, I suggest you ask here, I would be surprised if you
find more information elsewhere.

Carl Eugen

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