[FFmpeg-user] Need Help in Stripping Down ffmpeg.c transcode

Aditya adi235 at gmail.com
Tue May 17 09:14:39 CEST 2011

for a simple video format conversion.

         1 If i input a video file. the parse_options function takes the
arguments translates and assigns the video encode values

         2. the parse_option function calls and initializes the video output -
         3. the parse_options function calls and initializes the audio output
         4. the transcoding function is called which takes in the arguments  got
by the parsed_options function.
          5.  the trans coding function does a whole lot of processing  with
error checks ---- some of which might not be needed for basic transcode.
          6. output_packet is called at
    /* at the end of stream, we must flush the decoder buffers */
           7. from the out_packet the data is written to the file.

The  the areas where i see the reduction of code is the input options. if i
preset them and initialize the output/codec/streams
 the transcoding if limited to just video transcoding - not considering the
subtitles or error checks..

How do i simplify the ffmpeg.c can any one help me do this?

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