[FFmpeg-user] dv => mp4: deinterlace or not, and how?

Bouke bouke at editb.nl
Sun May 8 10:43:33 CEST 2011

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From: "Andrew Berg" <bahamutzero8825 at gmail.com>

> On 2011.05.06 04:30 PM, Bouke wrote:
>> Excuse me? Where did you get this information  about interlacing going 
>> away?
>> Do you have anything to backup that what you are saying is actually
>> meaningfull?
>> Sorry if i sound harsh (Trying to be so now), but IMHO, this is just 
>> plain
>> bullshit.
> The only bullshit is you calling me out on something I didn't say. I
> never said interlacing is going away.

No, you did not, but you did say:
> idea. Interlaced displays are reaching their last days, and

And this is not the way i see it..

> In fact, I see it being around for
> a long time (most broadcasters want to present sports and other
> fast-motion content at 50 or 59.94Hz instead of 25 or 29.97Hz and still
> have a "full HD" picture, and no one seems to be willing to broadcast
> 1080p50/60). HDTVs (and software media players sending video to an LCD
> monitor) can deinterlace, so broadcasting interlaced material isn't a
> huge issue. Pure interlaced displays are going away in the near future,

Yes, if you mean tubes. But an LCD / plasma capable of displaying interlaced 
video is an interlaced device IMHO.
So then, let's agree to disagree.
It's way off topic from the original question aynway.


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