[FFmpeg-user] Dolby Pro Logic encoding from 6 discrete channels

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Fri Dec 9 05:09:00 CET 2011

On 12/09/11 03:58, Thomas Worth wrote:
> HandBrake is apparently capable of folding 6 tracks of audio down to a
> matrix-encoded 2 channel Pro Logic mix. I'm assuming this is done
> through avcodec. If so, which part of the code is responsible for
> this? Also, this is really an analog operation, since Pro Logic / II
> works with analog sources. Has this been tested / verified to work as
> intended? I'd love to hear about any experiences with this.
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Pro logic technology works over any connection, either it be over 
satalite TV, 3.5mm, RCA or even S/PDIF and HDMI (confirmed, I've a pro 
logic IIx decoder connection to my PC though S/PDIF).

I also confirm that handbreak does atleast 5.1 to 2 channel, but it can 
only encode videos. I asked the developers, they said the backend was 
either the decoder or downmix.c.


ffmpeg guys may borrow code from here.

Devs -- are you listening? I reported a bug, maybe I should post this 
link there...

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