[FFmpeg-user] libavformat dependecies are too sophisticated

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Dec 5 14:59:56 CET 2011

Am 05.12.2011 14:53, schrieb Alexey Umnov:
> no cross-compiling and any related sophisticated options, no
> 'enable-nonfree' option. And it still depends on the same libraries
> among others (standard):
> 	libvpx.so.0
> 	libvorbisenc.so.2
> 	libvorbis.so.0
> 	libtheoraenc.so.1
> 	libtheoradec.so.1
> 	libspeex.so.1
> 	libschroedinger-1.0.so.0
> 	libgsm.so.1
> 	libva.so.1
> 	libogg.so.0
> 	liborc-0.4.so.0
> So what options in configure could be responsible for these dependencies?

uninstall or disable libraries, the configure-script recognizes that
the devel-packages installed and is using the capabilities

the same way you can enable a library you can disable it
the following is inverted from the "ffmpeg"-output of my builds
where i explicitly enable all of this execpt hw-accel

--disable-libvpx \
--disable-libtheora \
--disable-libvorbis \
--disable-vdpau \
--disable-vaapi \
--disable-hwaccels \
--disable-libgsm \
--disable-libspeex \
--disable-libschroedinger \

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