[FFmpeg-user] BOUNTY OFFERED: AAC 5.1 -> AAC Stereo

Stefano Sabatini stefano.sabatini-lala at poste.it
Sat Apr 30 13:38:24 CEST 2011

On date Saturday 2011-04-30 01:05:18 -0400, NokNok Developer encoded:
> Bryan
> I guess its a matter of how its done.  As one person has suggested
> in a private email, integrating this into libavfilter, which is a
> larger undertaking, but also a better solution overall.  One can
> also simply implement a rudimentary channel mix which previous
> patches already exist (http://muzso.hu/2009/02/25/downsampling-multichannel-audio-5.1-into-stereo-2-channels-with-ffmpeg)
> , and would only need to be adapted to current code.  So, yes the
> range of implementation could range from 2 hrs, to 20 hours.
> I would also say, as I do not code within the ffmpeg base or libs, I
> have no clue as to the task at hand, only the previous patches as
> reference material.  Additionally, being an open source and
> community project, the ability I am sure to resample AAC to other
> channel selections would be something of a benefit to all, and not
> so much as a one-off task for say just me.
> I light of what of what I have seen in the code base (looking this
> past week), and other, I bumped and asked for a suggestion, and
> while most work is done on ffmpeg out of interest by someone
> (contributor), I have specifically asked that whatever work is to be
> done, be acceptable to the maintainers, as I would like this to be a
> benefit for everyone and included in the normal branch.  To that
> end, I am not sure how many people do offer compensation for
> features to ffmpeg, vs just bitching in the mailing that something
> doesnt work, or when will ffmpeg support "x" or "y".  Thru a
> previous discussion with another party, it was also suggested the
> amount should be in $1000 area.  So again, the reason I asked for
> suggestions.
> You also suggest "reasonable consulting rates".  If I was looking to
> do this, and and keep the patch to ourselves, etc, I would agree, we
> could just about go and find any in the know consultant with
> ffmpeg/libav libs, and have it done.  But part of the purpose of
> offering the bounty is to both give back to the developers who have
> made ffmpeg a terrific tool for many many people, as well keep it
> open source for everyone.  With that concept in mind, we had hoped
> there was someone else with the same need, capable of doing the job,
> and we could come to some fair amount.
> Soooooo... with all that being said...  I'll make the bounty $1000,
> and if someone is interested, let me know.  If not, of course we
> will end up going the other route and consult it out on freelancer
> or something, which doesnt help anyone :( but our need.
> Shawn

Please file an issue on the FFmpeg issue tracker:

mentioning that you're willing to sponsor the change and which are
your timeline constraints.

That looks like a change needing some major rework and IIRC that's a
long time standing issue, but maybe there is some hope for getting it
fixed properly (and I have an almost working audio filtering branch
which could possibly help).

Thanks, regard.

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