[FFmpeg-user] BOUNTY OFFERED: AAC 5.1 -> AAC Stereo

NokNok Developer developer at noknok.net
Fri Apr 29 01:48:57 CEST 2011

Bump..  If in fact it takes more then the below amount, suggest 
something that does work.

On 4/21/2011 12:17 PM, NokNok Developer wrote:
> Over the years we have seen various patches by folks to enable various 
> forms of 6 Channel to Stereo downsampling, non of which ever were 
> implemented in the core code base for AAC (internal) processing.
> While the solution to this problem can range from a simple mixing of 
> channels, adjusting volumes, etc to more advanced, our goal is to find 
> a solution acceptable to the ffmpeg team in any form at this point.
> Many devices support AAC but in a stereo mode only vs 6 channel, etc.
> We would like to offer such a bounty to get such a solution in the 
> code base which will enable downsampling of AAC 5.1 to AAC stereo when 
> encoding.    An example of two previous variations:
> http://muzso.hu/2009/02/25/downsampling-multichannel-audio-5.1-into-stereo-2-channels-with-ffmpeg 
> Its important that the solution be acceptable in a form which it can 
> be included in the standard code base for ffmpeg so we are not having 
> to patch, etc.  Using the internal AAC encoder (-strict experimental)
> Depending on the solution we would place the bounty anywhere from 
> $50-$250.
> If you are interested in doing this, or do this and looking for 
> payment, please email ffmpegbounty [at] bitsling.com
> Not sure where best in placing this bounty, so if not on the proper 
> list, please let us know as well.
> Thank You
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