[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 2/2] fftools/ffmpeg: log skipped initial non-keyframes

Stephan Hilb stephan at ecshi.net
Fri Jun 7 23:35:03 EEST 2019

>> -        !ost->copy_initial_nonkeyframes)
>> +        !ost->copy_initial_nonkeyframes) {
>> +        av_log(NULL, AV_LOG_DEBUG, "skipping initial
>> non-keyframe\n"); return;  
> Incorrect indentation.

It's actually the same indentation as in other places in the same file,
what would be the correct way then?

> I suggest this message should be at INFO level, but appear only once.

I'm fine with INFO level. Repeated messages get supressed anyways, does
that suffice?

> I believe ffprobe also suffers from such files and never displays
> anyhing with -show_frames. In fact, does ffprobe perhaps always begin
> from, or at least wait for, the first keyframe?

Cannot really comment on that. For me it happens when stream copying
from v4l2, since the keyframe flag is not being set there, Probing
works just fine.
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