[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] doc/developer: require transparency about sponshorships.

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sun Jan 13 16:06:55 EET 2019

James Almer (12019-01-13):
> Be the change you want in the world and post your day job income here
> for all to see. Otherwise drop this absurd obsession of yours and let
> people have a peaceful weekend.

Of course:

All that I have received related to my work on FFmpeg is:

- coverage of my expanses to attend the VDD;

- some t-shirts and a few goodies.

The money that I would have received for mentoring in GSoC 2015 was
given to the project.

Note that I do not make a point of pride of not having gotten much of
street value from my work on this project, this is not the reason I do
it. But you asked.

And to prove I really do not consider this a matter of privacy, I can
add my income from not-FFmpeg related: I am a public servant of the
French Éducation nationale in the PRAG corps at the salary step 9 with
as little overtime as accepted (0-2 hours depending on the year) plus
one hour of oral interrogation in prépa and a few yearly hours of
coordination with a project. The monetary amounts for all this is of
public record.

> A patch pushed without review, if it gets challenged after the fact,
> will get reverted unless fixed/addressed, like it happened plenty of
> times.

And who will do the challenging, since we already do not have enough
time to review the patches in the first place?


  Nicolas George
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