[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH V8 2/2] avcodec/libx264: add support for ROI-based encoding

Guo, Yejun yejun.guo at intel.com
Fri Jan 11 02:37:33 EET 2019

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> 2019-01-10 9:54 GMT+01:00, Guo, Yejun <yejun.guo at intel.com>:
> > +                        roi = (AVRegionOfInterest*)((char*)roi +
> > roi->self_size);
> Isn't this roi++?
> If yes, please change this.

no, it's not roi++, the reason is that struct AVRegionOfInterest might be extended,
so to keep ABI compatible, we add the 'self_size'.  It is discussed in V4 comments.

> I also wonder if the wording (elsewhere) of "returns EINVAL if size is zero" is
> correct: Shouldn't it be "size must be >0"

self_size is uint32_t, it is > 0 if not zero.  

> or similar? A struct can hardly return an error, no?

it is caller's responsibility to set the value to be sizeof(AVRegionOfInterest).
There will be an error if the caller does not set it explicitly.

> Sorry for the late comment, Carl Eugen
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