[FFmpeg-devel] order T-shirts

Thilo Borgmann thilo.borgmann at mail.de
Tue Oct 24 07:31:57 EEST 2017


Am 24.10.17 um 02:43 schrieb Lou Logan:
> On Sat, Oct 21, 2017, at 07:53 AM, Lou Logan wrote:
>> I'll attach the SVG file when I get back home on Monday or Tuesday.
> SVG attached. Let me know if you need changes or if the printer needs a
> different format.

then we are talking about a completely different design.

> These shirts will be silk screened, right? If so, the green is intended
> to be "PMS 354C Spring Green Pantone Solid Coated" which is a little
> brighter than the original green color so it stands out more from the
> black shirt.

No. They offer different techniques, though.

> The black part is of course just there so the lettering is visible. If
> they prefer a false white for the letters I can do that.
> I envisioned the design to be horizontally centered on the front of the
> shirt, chest high, design width of 15-18 cm, back of shirt plain. Mockup
> attached.

I'll do go there and get an offer for that design and ask about possible print techniques.

Depending on that, we should decide what to order. 
I'd appreciate to hear more opinions about the design question in the mean time.


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