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Helmut K. C. Tessarek tessarek at evermeet.cx
Fri Oct 13 00:12:26 EEST 2017

On 2017-10-12 16:04, James Almer wrote:
> Sounds like pkg-config is not providing you with the required deps.
> Since you're doing a static build with static external libraries, try
> adding "--pkg-config-flags=--static" to your configure line.

Which makes no sense, since I checked the pkg_config files and they look
Anyway, I tried --pkg-config-flags=--static. It did not help.

But as I've suspected I had to add -lbz2 -lz to LDFLAGS. Now it works.

export LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -lstdc++ -lass -lfontconfig -lexpat -lenca
-lfribidi -lfreetype -lbz2 -lz -framework CoreText"

> Adding --static to --pkg-config-flags might let you remove some of these
> custom ldflags. But probably not all.

It doesn't look that way.

Btw, I still get these awful warnings for every file.

Ronald B. mentioned in another thread:

>From IRC yesterday (gcc=clang here):

bash-4.4$ gcc /dev/null -Wno-bool-operation -c -o /tmp/x.o && echo success
clang: warning: /dev/null: 'linker' input unused
clang: warning: argument unused during compilation: '-Wno-bool-operation'
bash-4.4$ gcc -Wno-bool-operation /tmp/x.c -c -o /tmp/x.o
-Werror=unused-command-line-argument && echo success
warning: unknown warning option '-Wno-bool-operation'; did you mean
'-Wno-bool-conversion'? [-Wunknown-warning-option]
1 warning generated.
successbash-4.4$ gcc -Wno-bool-operation /tmp/x.c -c -o /tmp/x.o
-Werror=unused-command-line-argument -Werror=unknown-warning-option && echo
error: unknown warning option '-Wno-bool-operation'; did you mean
'-Wno-bool-conversion'? [-Werror,-Wunknown-warning-option]

That last one should allow this to work.


Can someone please fix this?

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