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Helmut K. C. Tessarek tessarek at evermeet.cx
Thu Oct 12 21:28:01 EEST 2017

On 2017-10-12 14:19, James Almer wrote:
> Can you open a bug in http://trac.ffmpeg.org/ and attach your config.log
> there? Also, what are the contents of the .pc file for libbluray? It
> sounds like it's missing some dependencies and might have to be reported
> to their bug tracker.

I can, but I believe it's no a libbluray issue after all. I sent a
separate reply. Dependency issues with freetype???

> Mac builds are something I've been trying to debug, especially when
> linking libavutil if videotoolbox is enabled, but i haven't gotten much
> help in that regard so far and i lack such a system, so if you can
> provide which configure command lines are failing and the corresponding
> config.log output for them it would be really helpful.

I'm rather busy, and creating my compile script is an ongoing process
which I have been maintaining for the last 6 years.
But if you send me exact steps to test something (and I can automate
this somehow), then I can provide you feedback.

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