[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] nvenc: FIX wrong forced keyframe behavior

Miroslav SlugeĊˆ thunder.m at email.cz
Sun Feb 12 21:43:53 EET 2017

Dne 12.2.2017 v 20:29 Timo Rothenpieler napsal(a):
> The current behavior is intended like it is.
> On the default of -1, it does not care about I/IDR frame requests, in
> mode 0 it will generate intra frames, and in mode 1 it will generate
> full IDR frames.
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This is not clever, because i checked both libx264 and libx265 and both 
of them has same behavior like i proposed in patch.

Also explanation of this function is than wrong:
{ "forced-idr",   "If forcing keyframes, force them as IDR frames."}

There is nothing about disabled forcing keyframes at all.

So we have two options:
1. We should change it in NVENC
2. We should change it in libx264 and libx265


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