[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] ffmpeg security

James Almer jamrial at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 21:43:17 EET 2017

On 2/10/2017 4:03 PM, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> Hi community
> what do you prefer about the ffmpeg-security alias ?
> in no particular order
> Should everyone on the alias be listed in MAINTAINERs under a
> ffmpeg-security point?

I'd say yes. From a transparency PoV, people should know who will
get access to such reports.

> Should for everyone who is on the alias a reason be listed in
> MAINTAINERs why (s)he is on the alias ?

IMO, there's no need for this. Read below.

> Should everyone on the alias have a reason beyond curiousity to be
> on the alias? (that is a reason that clearly benefits FFmpeg)

Yes, it should be about intending to fix reports and/or review fixes
made by others. Curiosity alone is not enough at all.

> Should everyone on the alias be a FFmpeg maintainer?

They should be trust worthy, active and ideally long standing
We have a few such people that don't "maintain" anything, as far
as having an entry in MAINTAINERS goes or implicitly maintaining
some specific part of the codebase, so that shouldn't be a

Of course, inaccuracies in that file should be fixed. Anyone
implicitly maintaining some module should add themselves to it.

> Should everyone on the alias be a FFmpeg supporter?
> (For example not bad-mouthing the project)

If by bad-mouthing you mean something like ill intended defamation
then sure, that's not acceptable.
People however often voice their frustration towards pretty much
anything, so I don't agree that should be a blocker at all.
Doubt many people would survive a google search for public irc or
email logs in that regard. The amount of not-so-kind words as
consequence of some questionable chunk of code is probably big.

> Should everyone on the alias be required to make a good effort to act
> in the best interrest of FFmpeg in relation to ffmpeg security ?

If the requirement to get in is intending to fix reports or review
fixes for said reports, then they are IMO already acting in the
best interest of the project.

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