[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] ffmpeg security

Michael Niedermayer michael at niedermayer.cc
Fri Feb 10 21:03:29 EET 2017

Hi community

what do you prefer about the ffmpeg-security alias ?
in no particular order

Should everyone on the alias be listed in MAINTAINERs under a
ffmpeg-security point?

Should for everyone who is on the alias a reason be listed in
MAINTAINERs why (s)he is on the alias ?

Should everyone on the alias have a reason beyond curiousity to be
on the alias? (that is a reason that clearly benefits FFmpeg)

Should everyone on the alias be a FFmpeg maintainer?

Should everyone on the alias be a FFmpeg supporter?
(For example not bad-mouthing the project)

Should everyone on the alias be required to make a good effort to act
in the best interrest of FFmpeg in relation to ffmpeg security ?

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Awnsering whenever a program halts or runs forever is
On a turing machine, in general impossible (turings halting problem).
On any real computer, always possible as a real computer has a finite number
of states N, and will either halt in less than N cycles or never halt.
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