[FFmpeg-devel] ffserver: current status and future plans

Michael Fritscher michael.fritscher at telematik-zentrum.de
Fri Sep 23 18:46:06 EEST 2016


as promised I started to work on ffserver. The focus of the first week 
was to remake a fresh building environment - incl. FATE - and get an 
overview what it is needed to be done.

There is already a test for ffserver, but out of FATE. This test does 
not work for me, but this is a cygwin related problem (wget <blah> | dd 
bs=1 count=20k : wget isn't exited automatically if dd exits, and 
because of that the test hangs) Does anybody know more details of the 

Unfortunately ffserver is broken and therefore its regression test fails 
randomly. Treat the results accordingly.
in the Makefile regarding this test?

2. rtsp server
I was told that the rtsp-demuxer can listen now as well. Can this 
demuxer cope with multiple concurrent connections as well? If not, is 
this a problem with this demuxer or the demuxer API in general? If the 
later one I would like to get some advise how to solve this.

3. ffm
3.1. Using it as a ring buffer.
I think that can be solved rather easy.
3.2. Using it for transfering the streams.
Not that big story either - there are other formats like nut.
3.3. Using it for negotiating the needed video formats.
This is by far(!) the biggest obstacle I found. This is the main cause 
ffm is plant to be removed I guess (because of the AVCodecContext 
problem). Additionally, some people doesn't like the idea that ffserver 
sets the streaming options. Honestly, I personally like this, and there 
is a ffserver_ignore flag even today. I think that via a new protocol 
this can be solved. This protocol will be only used to configure the 
streams of ffmpeg.

4. other issues
The other internal includes are less critical I think - rather utility 
functions etc. Did I miss something?

5. time frame
I know that ffserver hinders removal of some internal stuff (most 
importantly ffm with its usage of AVCodecContext). On IRC, the idea of a 
deadline popped up. Honestly I like this idea - it would be a clear rule 
and would avoid a lot of confusion. I propose the 2016-12-31 - if by 
then the usage of the internal things is not solved ffserver is going to 
be removed. At least the things which are announced to me by 2016-10-15. 
I would be more than happy making a detailed list what is to be done - 
this mail being the first step.

Best regards,
Michael Fritscher
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