[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] added expr evaluation to drawtext - fontsize

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Fri Sep 2 15:20:37 EEST 2016

Le septidi 17 fructidor, an CCXXIV, Moritz Barsnick a écrit :
> Sorry, probably makes sense, equal to
>          if ((ret = update_fontsize(ctx)) != 0) {
> I'm still not *really* sure whether the second set of brackets is
> required to have "if" check the assigned ret (I thought not). I'll let
> someone else judge.

You mean the parentheses? Well, if you are not sure, then the parentheses
are necessary. We are not playing golf, we want code that is readable and

For reference, comparisons have precedence over assignments. That means
"a = b < c" is equivalent to "a = (b < c)", not "(a = b) < c". Therefore,
the parentheses are necessary even for golf.


  Nicolas George
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