[FFmpeg-devel] [libav-devel] [PATCH 2/2] lavf: move internal fields from public to internal context

Andreas Cadhalpun andreas.cadhalpun at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 5 00:02:59 CET 2015

On 04.03.2015 23:13, Luca Barbato wrote:
> On 04/03/15 21:49, Andreas Cadhalpun wrote:
>> So what do you think about resurrecting this patch (add avformat_flush)?
> I see no patch about it, my email client chewed it?

It has been a while ago [1]. It just adds a public API for ff_read_frame_flush.

>> It seems to have only stalled on the associated documentation and the
>> XBMC developers are apparently not the only ones who would find it useful.
> The function is useful if somebody wants to implement some custom seek
> and in order to do that probably is using some of the fields being
> hidden so I'm not sure just exposing that function would do anything
> good for that use case.
> I'd rather check with the XBMC (I guess now the name is Kodi, let's try
> to move to use the new name) people why they need it and if the problem
> they have with the seeking functions can't be solved otherwise.

To me it seems that this is the only internal API they need, but asking
can't hurt. So CC'ing the Debian XBMC/Kodi maintainer.

Best regards,

1: https://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel/2014-September/163635.html

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