[FFmpeg-devel] Color quantization for GIF v2

Clément Bœsch u at pkh.me
Sat Feb 14 20:56:41 CET 2015

Patchset improved with regard to:

  • quality: palettegen now uses the variance to determine which box to
    split instead of the number of color inside (a box encloses a bunch of
    colors and is averaged at the end to produce the palette color entry).

  • speed: paletteuse now cache the found colors in a hash table. Result
    is overall speedup such as 8.4s to 3.4s, so now we can have real time
    in some circumstances so speed is less of a concern. Feel free to try
    to make it faster though.

Outputs are updated at http://lucy.pkh.me/ffgif/outputs/ for the curious.
Careful, that page is about ~300M.

Patchset applied.

Clément B.
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