[FFmpeg-devel] [Feature Proposal] hq*x filter Support

Wyatt Ward wyatt8740 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 3 01:31:01 CEST 2013

> Why a web archive link, when hiend3d.com is up?

I posted a webarchive link because hiend3d.com site does not seem to have the downloads available anymore. The entire site is a little broken; broken links amok and so forth.

>Why pointing out the 3x version instead of 2x or 4x?

The majority of the information on how the filter works is on 3x. On 2x, it said 'for more information, see hq3x' or something similar.

>Note: the code source GPL. It would be interesting to have some algorithm details instead to implement it in LGPL.
I can try to find that; I'm pretty sure it won't be a huge problem.

>If you don't plan to work on it, I would suggest to open a ticket on trac instead.

I am a remarkably poor programmer, but I do try my best. I will open a ticket on trac and see if I can assist; however, I am 100% certain that I, with my limited ability, would not be able to complete it alone. 

>Priorities is mostly a matter of taste. It's a fun filter, it would be welcome. We have a relatively similar filter already BTW (super2xsai).

I  actually saw super2xsai in MSYS as I was compiling FFmpeg. It's what reminded me of HQX, because  super2xsai and HQX are both featured in a few emulators.

Also, would I be able to plot an algorithm while looking at the source code? I am also poor at understanding the different licenses. I don't know if it would be acceptable to look at the source while plotting my own version of the algorithm.
If I made a mistake formatting this, I am very new to mail lists in that I have never actually done much but reading them, so forgive me and point out what I've done wrong and how to do it correctly.

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