[FFmpeg-devel] for ffmpeg org

John Dexter jdxsolutions at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 00:37:35 CET 2012

> I use Visual Studio all the time to compile, build and use FFMPEG. You need to discard the MSVC compiler and instead use Intel C Compiler and setup the C99 compile mode. Need to make some minor changes such as use the pthread simulation library (open source) and get the unistd.h, stdint.h amd inttypes.h and it all works. Also need to ifdef strings.h ... All third party libraries do not work but libx264, libfaac, ... does.

I noted http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/ offers pre-built Windows libs...
are they VC++ compatible? If so does that represent the only way to
use ffmpeg in VC++ without plugging in a new compiler, which is a
fairly serious step to take?

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