[FFmpeg-devel] discarding non frame data (was skipmultiple id3v2 headers)

David Byron dbyron
Thu Sep 23 23:33:29 CEST 2010

> no, i dont understand your patch at all
> what is this supposed to do?

It causes av_read_frame to return packets that only have audio for as many
files as I've tested so far...without having to decode the audio to find

> this looks a bit like a incorrect workaround to id3 parser
> bugs if there are bugs, fix the bugs and dont try to
> somehow skip over data or code somehow.

I tried that but you didn't like what I sent.  For people who don't care
about the metadata, something like this probably a bit faster though I
haven't made any measurements.  The reason the id3v2 code has any idea about
this flag at all is to handle the case where an id3v2 tag contains data that
could be misinterpreted as audio data.

> and with parser i meant AVParser

That's easy to change but I'd like to make sure I'm on the right track
before sending another patch.



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