[FFmpeg-devel] FW: Allow multiple programs in MPEGTS output stream

Uve W. Rick Uve.Rick
Wed Sep 15 23:19:56 CEST 2010

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> Uve W. Rick <Uve.Rick <at> uav.com> writes:
> > So here is my first attempt at a patch.
> No.
> You cannot expose ff_program_add_stream_index under this name because
> ff_ is
> reserved for internal functions (change the function name to
> av_program_add_stream_index).
> Carl Eugen
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Changed ff_program_add_stream to av_program_add_stream.

I've also include the entire patch.

What this patch does is allow multiple programs to be contained in one mpeg ts stream, each with it's own video and audio.  The mpeg ts decoder already handles multiple programs.

The application calls av_new_program for each set of video and audio.  Then for each stream av_program_add_stream_index is called.  This is the same thing that mpeg ts decoder does.

If the application does not add any programs to the format context, the software will work just as it does now.

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