[FFmpeg-devel] Passing info from a protocol to a demuxer

Gavin Kinsey gkinsey
Tue Sep 14 12:35:57 CEST 2010

I'm trying to bring some code we have at the company I work for up to a 
standard that is acceptable for inclusion into ffmpeg.  There are many 
issues with it, but I know how to sort most of them.  The only one I'm 
not sure of is how to get information from the network protocol handler 
to the demuxer.

The protocol our servers use is basically HTTP with some extra 
information in the headers.  This extra information includes what format 
the stream will be in.  Currently the protocol code stores this 
information in an extra variable in URLContext.  I'd like to replace 
this with something more elegant that doesn't clutter up the general API 
with our format-specific data.

I'm not sure what to replace it with though, is what I want to do 
feasible?  I've looked a little at AVOption, could that do what I want?

I could always fall back to brute force detection of the stream format 
using just the stream data, but given that we have the information 
available it seems a shame not to use it.

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