[FFmpeg-devel] skip multiple id3v2 headers

David Byron dbyron
Sat Sep 11 00:12:09 CEST 2010

Michael Niedermayer wrote:

> id prefer if the code is the simplest that works with
> actually existing files and follows closely what the specs
> say and they dont say skip tags randomly

I did send an actually existing file with two id3v2 tags in it.  I have a
few.  I didn't create them file myself so I'm not sure how they got that
way.  It's true that the code in svn at the moment works fine with them, but
I think it's just getting lucky.  An image in the additional id3v2 tag could
easily contain what looks like an mpeg frame header.

I'd like to protect against this.  Does this seem reasonable?

I've looked for specs that discuss how to handle multiple id3v2 tags but
come up empty.  Is this thread:




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