[FFmpeg-devel] skip multiple id3v2 headers

Vladimir Pantelic vladoman
Fri Sep 10 09:44:16 CEST 2010

David Byron wrote:
>>  >  Fair enough.  Here are patches to read all the metadata.
>>  how are "conflicts" handled? if both tags define e.g a "title", which
>>  one will be exported in the end?
> Conflicts aren't explicitly handled.  I used the attached program to examine
> the metadata available from each file in combinations.tar.gz.  The
> interesting metadata key in these files in TPE1.  With any luck the names of
> the files describe their contents.  They are all combinations of the files
> in testfiles.tar.gz.
> Empty values or id3v2 tags that don't contain TPE1 are basically ignored.
> If multiple tags contain the same frame/key, the value that comes last in
> the file remains for access via av_metadata_get.

earlier you said such double tagged files are most likely due to a mistake
in some tagger SW that adds another tag up front. Wouldn't it then be
better to keep the first frame/key value and ignore subsequent ones?

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