[FFmpeg-devel] ffserver rtsp timing bug

Howard Chu hyc
Mon May 17 01:13:40 CEST 2010

Howard Chu wrote:

> Unfortunately I still haven't had any success actually playing the stream. It
> seems that ffserver isn't sending any RTP packets at all.

The cur_pts in the stream starts out with an absolute timestamp, while for all 
subsequent packets it only carries a relative timestamp. The check for whether 
it's time to transmit or not thus compares the huge cur_pts against the 
current server time (which is also relative) and decides it's not time to send 
anything yet.

This patch gets things working for a single stream (audio only or video only). 
Still not working for both audio and video; in that case I only receive the audio.

How is it that things got to be this way? This rtsp stuff surely hasn't worked 
at all, in ages...
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