[FFmpeg-devel] about DV decoder support in ffmpeg

Stefan Gehrer stefan.gehrer
Mon Feb 22 21:25:55 CET 2010

Swaminathan wrote:
> I am trying to develop standalone version of DV video-decoders for
> Dv,DVCPRO-25/50/100
> I have IEC-61834(DV),SMPTE-314M(DVpro25,DVCpro50) encoded
> datastreams (transcoded from other formats using ffmpeg and some files
> encoded from yuv files using ffmpeg)
> My input data files contain both audio and video data,I tried to
> seperate video stream using
> command "ffmpeg -i inputfile.dv -vcodec dvvideo -an outputfile.dv"
> i used this outputfile.dv from step 1 to dv decoder to decode & get
> rawvideo data(yuv data)using the command
> "ffmpeg -i outputfile.dv -vcodec rawvideo outfile.yuv"
> basically I am trying to decode DV video only file,If the above
> commands are wrong,plz correct me.
> I am very curious to know the exact command for
> 1.encoding the raw yuv format data to dv format (dv,dvcpro25,dvcpro50)
> 2.decoding the dv video data to raw yuv format,ignoring the audio stream, if
> any
> Does this ffmpeg version support DVCPRO-HD(DV100-encoding and
> decoding),if not where can i get patch for a DV100 decoder?
> I will post about the results,if i can make any progress...

Please do, but not to this mailing list. ffmpeg-user seems appropriate.

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