[FFmpeg-devel] about DV decoder support in ffmpeg

Swaminathan swami.kmb
Mon Feb 22 13:36:41 CET 2010

I am trying to develop standalone version of DV video-decoders for
I have IEC-61834(DV),SMPTE-314M(DVpro25,DVCpro50) encoded
datastreams (transcoded from other formats using ffmpeg and some files
encoded from yuv files using ffmpeg)

My input data files contain both audio and video data,I tried to
seperate video stream using
command "ffmpeg -i inputfile.dv -vcodec dvvideo -an outputfile.dv"

i used this outputfile.dv from step 1 to dv decoder to decode & get
rawvideo data(yuv data)using the command
"ffmpeg -i outputfile.dv -vcodec rawvideo outfile.yuv"

basically I am trying to decode DV video only file,If the above
commands are wrong,plz correct me.

I am very curious to know the exact command for
1.encoding the raw yuv format data to dv format (dv,dvcpro25,dvcpro50)
2.decoding the dv video data to raw yuv format,ignoring the audio stream, if

Does this ffmpeg version support DVCPRO-HD(DV100-encoding and
decoding),if not where can i get patch for a DV100 decoder?

I will post about the results,if i can make any progress...
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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