[FFmpeg-devel] LibVA hardware acceleration support for ffmpeg command line.

Meekys meekys
Fri Aug 6 15:12:58 CEST 2010

Hey all,

I've been poking around at the ffmpeg code a bit the last couple of weeks 
trying to get the ffmpeg command line tool to support hardware acceleration.

I've come up with the following:
    Patch for ffmpeg.c
ffmpeg-va.h, ffmpeg-va.c
    Basic video acceleration framework (based off the vlc hwaccel code)
    VAAPI implementation of the hardware acceleration. (also based off the 
vlc hwaccel code)

To get this to run, copy the files into the ffmpeg source directory and 
apply the patch to ffmpeg.c

After running ./configure you will also need to modify the following files. 
(No patches for these at this stage)
  Add a line: ffmpeg_g$(EXESUF): FF_EXTRALIBS += $(VA_LIBS)
  Before: ffplay_g$(EXESUF): FF_EXTRALIBS += $(SDL_LIBS)
  Add a line: VA_LIBS=-L/usr/lib -lva -lva-x11
  Before: SDL_LIBS=-L/usr/lib -lSDL

Feedback is welcome. It's probably quite specific to my setup currently, so 
maybe some changes are required.

Testing on my machine, I was able to get an improvement from ~19fps to 
~26fps on some 1080p samples.

Enjoy :-)

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