[FFmpeg-devel] Crash inside av_read_frame when demuxing dv

Benjamin Larsson banan
Tue Nov 3 10:35:56 CET 2009

Johan Bondeson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have written a program that is reading dv files and playing them back. I
> just got a file from a collegue that crashes the program with an access
> violation (segfault but in microsoft world). I guess there is some error
> in the file but it plays fine in media player classic and can be
> transcoded using virtual dub so it can also be handeled.
> I've checked, and it crashes inside av_read_frame when reading the second
> frame of the first stream (the video stream). After I got this crash, i
> tried to transcode the file with ffmpeg.exe using the same dll and it,
> too, crashed. I then downloaded the latest version of SMPlayer, which also
> chrashed when playing this file.
> I put the file on http://bondeson.mine.nu/johan/Dennis0002_video1.avi if
> you want to check it out.
> Thanks
> /Johan

Please file a bug report on the roundup bugtracker.

Benjamin Larsson

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