[FFmpeg-devel] Crash inside av_read_frame when demuxing dv

Johan Bondeson johan
Tue Nov 3 10:31:13 CET 2009

Hi all,

I have written a program that is reading dv files and playing them back. I
just got a file from a collegue that crashes the program with an access
violation (segfault but in microsoft world). I guess there is some error
in the file but it plays fine in media player classic and can be
transcoded using virtual dub so it can also be handeled.

I've checked, and it crashes inside av_read_frame when reading the second
frame of the first stream (the video stream). After I got this crash, i
tried to transcode the file with ffmpeg.exe using the same dll and it,
too, crashed. I then downloaded the latest version of SMPlayer, which also
chrashed when playing this file.

I put the file on http://bondeson.mine.nu/johan/Dennis0002_video1.avi if
you want to check it out.



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