[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] http Transfer-Encoding chunked

Peter Holik holik
Mon May 25 17:00:10 CEST 2009

>> I reworked my patch with no limitation and set filesize to -1.

> Thanks! Minor nitpicks now:
> - please use uint64_t for chunksize

i've taken int64_t like filesize

> - strncmp(p, "chunked", 7) -> please use strncasecmp(), I've seen
> "Chunked" and "chunked" be used


> - (optional) you're now using 2 variables for chunks: chunked
> (boolean) and chunksize. You could consider setting chunksize to -1
> (0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFULL) by default and setting it to 0 if chunked.


> Michael might disagree, if he does, follow whatever he says (and be
> sure to document the variable appropriately if you do this)
> - document chunk_size and its relation to file_size please, and if
> yuou keep chunked, please document that also

where should i document the variable?

cu Peter

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