[FFmpeg-devel] release

Mike Melanson mike
Wed Jan 28 05:26:48 CET 2009

Mike Melanson wrote:
> Jai Menon wrote:
>> On that note, it might be good to list out what exactly the
>> "volunteers" would be required to do.
>> I'm guessing its more complicated than just labeling bugs on roundup
>> to release milestones and tracking them.
> I want about 95% test coverage in FATE.
> Steven/Dashcloud: Are you reading? I know you were making a list of 
> release tasks.

Here's that list I mentioned:

Ideas for a potential FFmpeg release:

enough tests in FATE to cover all mainstream formats
for all lists in multimedia wiki, integrate them into the wiki
add old-style Vorbis audio twocc's to list so they play natively- warn 
if anyone tries to use those for encoding
get the Blu-Ray/HDDVD audio patches in
finish testing all the uncommon audio codecs
finish testing all the uncommon video codecs
add any new fourcc's/audio twocc's
make sure there are no known crashers
comb IRC logs, and add new entries to FAQ based on that
test all documentation examples, correct if needed
sort through bugtracker, update bugs as needed
possibly 2 week release cycle
     write to other media projects and talk to them about their release 
     write to WINE, and ask about the 2 week release cycle

try to get more presets

    ipod- check that it still works

talk with packagers, distributions ?
    maybe a mini-guide for them?

make a pass through samples archive, test to make sure nothing broken, 
everything working as it should

     -Mike Melanson

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