[FFmpeg-devel] Problem logging feature request/patch on bug tracker.

Alexandre FERRIEUX - FT/RD/SIRP/ASF/SOFTL alexandre.ferrieux
Tue Jan 27 14:04:25 CET 2009

Rodney Baker wrote:
> Can show_banner() in cmdutils.c be modified to write to stdout? 

Please no ! Doing so will make "-" unusable as an output for all ffmpeg 
users... Surely you don't want thousands of enemies in one minute ,right ;-)

In unix the tradition is to have the valuable and/or binary data flow 
through stdout, and human-intended logs and diagnosis through stderr. 
Just stick to it; the fact that one part of it doesn't please you is 
your business (though it might violate some legale agreement BTW). You 
can always filter the stderr with 'sed' if you really need to.


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