[FFmpeg-devel] RTP mark bit not passed to parse_packet

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Thu Jan 15 15:16:32 CET 2009

Ronald S. Bultje wrote:
> Oh, just for clarification, the relevant line is in fact in
> ff_rdt_parse_packet(), just below this:
>     rv = ff_rdt_parse_header(buf, len, &set_id, &seq_no, &stream_id,
> &is_keyframe, &timestamp);
> [..]
>     if (is_keyframe &&
> [..]
>         flags |= PKT_FLAG_KEY;
> [..]
This "flags" variable is a local variable, which is initialised to 0.
Here, you set flags = PKT_FLAG_KEY (btw, why "|=" instead of "="?) if
the frame is a key frame _and_ some other complex condition is true.
You use PKT_FLAG_KEY, but there is not any special reason for using
such value... You could use "2" directly, since this is a value used
only in ff_rdt_parse_packet(), and rdt_parse_packet(), and has nothing
to do with an AVPacket...


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