[FFmpeg-devel] Samples Collection Reorganisation

Ivo ivop
Fri Jan 9 15:20:35 CET 2009

A few minor additions:

On Friday 09 January 2009 00:32, Ivo wrote:
> * Files uploaded in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 are in their respective
> directories named after the year itself. Either the one that's marked
> ready-for-archive or the other one if it's not sorted out yet (i.e. a
> text file accompanying foo.avi has to be called foo.txt, removing dupes,
> et cetera).
> * Files related to FFmpeg roundup issues and marked as such (i.e. either
> the directory or the filename contains the issue number) are in the
> issues directory under ffmpeg.
> * Files related to MPlayer's bugzilla and marked as such are under
> issues/mplayer.
> Note that this _only_ concerns the incoming directory. I have not touched
> the current samples collection and won't until everything in incoming is
> sorted out and decently archived.

* Uploaded binary codecs, specs, et cetera, are not in the year directories, 
but in non-av-files.

* In the unlikely case that you're looking for files from before 2006, those 
are in the appropriate year directories too (I found files dating back to 

* The ls-lR.bz2 file is updated regularly, so you can search with bzless.


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