[FFmpeg-devel] Some footage for H264 on kdenlive.org

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos
Sat Feb 21 00:05:07 CET 2009

Jean-Michel Pour? <jm <at> poure.com> writes:

> The following camcorders have timestamp issues:
> http://kdenlive.org/video-editor/canon-hf100
> http://kdenlive.org/video-editor/canon-hf11
> http://kdenlive.org/video-editor/canon-hg10
> http://kdenlive.org/video-editor/canon-hg21
> http://kdenlive.org/video-editor/panasonic-hdc-sd100
> http://kdenlive.org/video-editor/sony-hdr-sr11

May I suggest that you try this patch:
and report either in this thread or there which ones work/don't work.

My suggestion for testing would be:
ffmpeg -i yoursample test.mpeg
Than test with mplayer test.mpeg if the resulting file has synchronisation

Remux into raw 264:
ffmpeg -i yoursample test.h264
Then run
ffmpeg test.h264 -f framecrc -
and either compare the output with the reference decoder or just search the
output for duplicates.

Carl Eugen

> Thank you in advance,
> Kind regards,
> Jean-Michel

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