[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] detect eac3 and dts during probing of codec

elupus elupus
Wed Feb 18 19:21:53 CET 2009


I found when playing around with mpegts demuxer and settings stuff to probe
of dts/eac3 didn't work even if there are raw format handlers for it.

So this adds them. I don't have a sample that needs this at the moment, it
was just something I spotted. After all mpeg-ts demuxer already does make
some use of probing, and a stream might very well be dts or eac3 (or alot
of others for that matter)

I however have a sneaky suspicion that michael will want me to make this
into some array instead of these multiple if statements. Then again, he
added that section himself if i remember correctly :)

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