[FFmpeg-devel] Reorganisation of incoming/samples collection

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Mon Feb 16 02:07:02 CET 2009

On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 01:43:17AM +0100, Ivo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have used the bug-fixing weekend to continue my work on our samples 
> collection. Current state of affairs:
> * Except for 14 files I will have to inspect closer and change my script to 
> handle them, ALL files from 2002-2007 and those of 2008 in incoming I 
> already moved before Michael asked me to leave symlinks in place, are now 
> archived at:
> http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/archive

> * I have not deleted them from incoming yet, awaiting comments in this 
> thread and/or an a-okay to either remove them or symlink them too from 
> incoming/200x-ready-for-archive or something.

i vote for symlinks

> * A total of 7.3GB (out of 12GB) has been archived now
> * I have added 'leave symlink in place' functionality to my script so it's 
> possible to archive the rest of samples.mphq too without breaking links 
> from e.g. the multimedia wiki
> What now?
> I need HELP from everybody that has some time to kill. Basically, all files 
> in the new archive need to be checked:
> * Has accompanying text file?
> 	* yes: read it, check if the problem still exists
> 		* if so, add appropriate issue to roundup or bugzilla (MPlayer)
> 		  and make note[*]
> 		* if not, make note[*]
> 	* no: check if the file has some obvious issues with either ffmpeg, ffplay,
> 		mplayer or mencoder.
> 		* if so, add isse to roundup/bugzilla and make note[*]
> 		* if not, make note[*]
> [*] send notes to me! things to note: filename --> issue/bug number or 
> filename --> no issues. With this information, I can add the issue number 
> to the filename and rebuild the symlinks correctly. If you start working on 
> a certain directory, it's preferable if you coordinate it with me to avoid 
> other people duplicating your work. Also, send your notes quickly, even if 
> they are incomplete, to further reduce the risk of wasting time by 
> duplicating work of others.

do you want a ML for incoming/ coordination and work? could also be used as
dst for some scripts output ...

> More things...
> I will gradually archive the rest of the 2008 and 2009 files in incoming and 
> leave symlinks in place as Michael requested. We also have to establish 
> some rules for new uploads. I wrote down some notes which we have to 
> discuss further (probably change the subject of that thread):
> ----------
> Upload rules:
> * ALWAYS create a subdirectory
> * if the file is linked to a roundup issue, name the directory 'issueXXXX'
> * if the file is related to MPlayer's bugzilla, name the directory 'bugXXXX'
> * name accompanying text files EXACTLY the same as the media file, except
>   for the .txt extension (REPLACE the media file extension)

> * use plain ASCII for text files (i.e. no Word documents, use vi, notepad
>   instead)

there where word docs on the ftp ? <some smily with really big eyes>

> * name logfiles <basename>.log

> * if there are several (long) log files, you can targz, tarbz2, rar or
>   (7)zip them together (e.g. <basename>.tar.bz2)

may i suggest that we drop gz in favor of bz2 ?

> * use lowercase extensions! (.mpg and not .MPG)

> * if there are accompanying bmp, png, jpeg, whatever, images that show, for
>   example, certain frame artifacts, tar, zip, whatever, them too and give
>   the file an identical filename (except for the extension)

this is inconvenient as with that, one no longer can just point ones browser
to them to take a look

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