[FFmpeg-devel] Reorganisation of incoming/samples collection

Ivo ivop
Mon Feb 16 01:43:17 CET 2009

Hi all,

I have used the bug-fixing weekend to continue my work on our samples 
collection. Current state of affairs:

* Except for 14 files I will have to inspect closer and change my script to 
handle them, ALL files from 2002-2007 and those of 2008 in incoming I 
already moved before Michael asked me to leave symlinks in place, are now 
archived at:


* I have not deleted them from incoming yet, awaiting comments in this 
thread and/or an a-okay to either remove them or symlink them too from 
incoming/200x-ready-for-archive or something.

* A total of 7.3GB (out of 12GB) has been archived now

* I have added 'leave symlink in place' functionality to my script so it's 
possible to archive the rest of samples.mphq too without breaking links 
from e.g. the multimedia wiki

What now?

I need HELP from everybody that has some time to kill. Basically, all files 
in the new archive need to be checked:

* Has accompanying text file?
	* yes: read it, check if the problem still exists
		* if so, add appropriate issue to roundup or bugzilla (MPlayer)
		  and make note[*]
		* if not, make note[*]
	* no: check if the file has some obvious issues with either ffmpeg, ffplay,
		mplayer or mencoder.
		* if so, add isse to roundup/bugzilla and make note[*]
		* if not, make note[*]

[*] send notes to me! things to note: filename --> issue/bug number or 
filename --> no issues. With this information, I can add the issue number 
to the filename and rebuild the symlinks correctly. If you start working on 
a certain directory, it's preferable if you coordinate it with me to avoid 
other people duplicating your work. Also, send your notes quickly, even if 
they are incomplete, to further reduce the risk of wasting time by 
duplicating work of others.

More things...

I will gradually archive the rest of the 2008 and 2009 files in incoming and 
leave symlinks in place as Michael requested. We also have to establish 
some rules for new uploads. I wrote down some notes which we have to 
discuss further (probably change the subject of that thread):


Upload rules:

* ALWAYS create a subdirectory
* if the file is linked to a roundup issue, name the directory 'issueXXXX'
* if the file is related to MPlayer's bugzilla, name the directory 'bugXXXX'
* name accompanying text files EXACTLY the same as the media file, except
  for the .txt extension (REPLACE the media file extension)
* use plain ASCII for text files (i.e. no Word documents, use vi, notepad
* name logfiles <basename>.log
* if there are several (long) log files, you can targz, tarbz2, rar or
  (7)zip them together (e.g. <basename>.tar.bz2)
* use lowercase extensions! (.mpg and not .MPG)
* if there are accompanying bmp, png, jpeg, whatever, images that show, for
  example, certain frame artifacts, tar, zip, whatever, them too and give
  the file an identical filename (except for the extension)
* use descriptive names (i.e. not bug.avi, but




I was sure there was something else I wanted to mention, but I can't 
remember. If it comes back and it's important, I'll post it here :)


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