[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH][7/8] Add VA API accelerated H.264 decoding (take 4)

compn tempn
Mon Feb 9 18:08:08 CET 2009

On Mon, 9 Feb 2009 16:59:13 +0100 (CET), Gwenole Beauchesne wrote:
>On Mon, 9 Feb 2009, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>> This isnt fair but it is effective and practical, if you have a better
>> suggestion, its welcome of course, but not factorizing code or commiting
>> suboptimal code is not ok.
>implementation that works? Besides, experience shows that factorization 
>doesn't work, or I missed factorization work for X11, Xv, XvMC VO et al. 
>in MPlayer for example. There seems to always be subtle differences that 
>would tend to be fixed with an over-engineered abstraction.

this is the point. do you want ffmpeg code to end up like mplayer?


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