[FFmpeg-devel] asm vs __asm__: revenge of the underscores

Roman V. Shaposhnik rvs
Tue Oct 7 01:12:23 CEST 2008

On Mon, 2008-10-06 at 23:00 +0000, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Hi!
> Diego 'Flameeyes' Petten? <flameeyes <at> gmail.com> writes:
> > > Out of curiosity: Where/how does it fail for you? I can compile ffmpeg's asm
> > > code with gcc, icc and Sun cc.
> > 
> > Which Sun compiler do you use? I'm using sunc99 to explicitly ask C99
> > support...
> I'm using cc, I hadn't seen c99 before.
> What are the advantages?

On Linux there shouldn't be any. On older Solaris systems (which are
not C99 compliant from the libc perspective) cc gives you c89 behavior.


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