[FFmpeg-devel] libavfilter: single ffplay.c diff?

Vitor Sessak vitor1001
Thu Oct 2 23:21:47 CEST 2008

Stefano Sabatini wrote:
> On date Wednesday 2008-10-01 07:57:09 +0200, Vitor Sessak encoded:
>> Stefano Sabatini wrote:
> [...]
>>> For what regards the single ffplay.c diff, is it OK to apply just a
>>> single patch to merge ffplay.c diffs *and* update it to ffmpeg 15000?
>> Yes.
>>> I'm aware that it's a huge patch, anyway we're going to change all
>>> that code anyway so this seems the more practical solution.
>>> After that the plan is:
>>> * update ffmpeg.c diff
>>> * svn move 04_ffmpeg_filters.diff to 02_ffmpeg_filters.diff
>>> * add the checkout.sh script
>>> * apply the small fix to ffplay.c already discussed on this list
>>> * ...
>> Sounds good. Nice to see someone else working on it.
> All applied.

Nice, thanks.

> I'll hope to be able to work at the vsrc_movie.c ffplay.c refactoring
> now...

If you want me to test, cleanup and commit the patch I posted, I can do 
that real soon, just let me know. If want to do it yourself, do not 
hesitate in asking me if you have any doubt.


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