[FFmpeg-devel] Fix ffmpeg -re behaviour

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Thu Nov 27 00:20:00 CET 2008

Luca Abeni wrote:
>> As long as I've tested it, they seem to work the same, there is an
>> initial delay on the receiving end, with RTP streaming all the first
>> packets seem to be sent too lately so ffplay first hangs then runs
>> until the frames are again in synch (all this lasts for few seconds, I
>> think it was the same without the fix).
> I tested your latest patch, and it seems to work fine. I'd like to know 
> something more about this problem you are seeing (but I do not think it 
> is related to this patch): are you using mpeg4 (or h.264) video? Maybe 
> without global headers? In this case, can you try adding "-vglobal 1"?
> I suspect this delay is due to the probing functions in libav{format, 
> codec}.

Forget this comment, I think I know what you are seeing: ffplay is just 
waiting for an RTCP packet before starting to play. This is ok, as there 
is no way to synchronise audio and video before receiving the first RTCP 
packet. (If the player is started before the streamer, this delay should 

So, summing up, I think everything is fine.


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