[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] FLAC timestamp

Yvan Labadie ylabadie
Wed Nov 19 14:03:06 CET 2008

>> Send a unified diff please.
Sorry (noob inside) let's try again...
>> May I also suggest that a FLAC format demuxer should
>> reside in a file of its own?
> Yes, definitely.  It could also contain more than just setting the
> bitrate.  Ideally, the decoder would be revised so that it does not have
> to handle the header, including any metadata.  The demuxer would read
> the whole header and set the extradata.
> Regarding the patch, it doesn't take into account that the number of
> samples can be 0, indicating that it is unknown.  The patch assumes that
> seeking can be done, which is not always true.  Also, it contains tabs.
> -Justin
I totaly agree that a "real" FLAC parser would be great, but don't have 
time for the moment... But that's a begining.

so modifications I just made :
    - if number of samples == 0, bit_rate is not processed
    - tabs a replaced with four whitespaces
    - to check if seeking can be done I check if we're not working on a 
stream, I'm not sure this is the better way but I do not know it there 
is another one...
    - flac operations removed from libavformat/raw.c add moved into a 
new file : libavformat/flac.c
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